Respecting the Flowers

491 in the Age of Marnys the Kind

Dan and Cixi stepped through the inner door, and into a world of gold. It was all around them, stretching overhead to form a sky of yellow and orange flowers growing on vines that spiralled into the mesh walls. High above shafts of sunlight managed to make it through the thick layer of flowers, shining off their petals in glittering shades that looked like the sparkle of precious metals or gems. No flowers should shine so bright, and indeed none would have, were it not for the creatures tending to them. Bronze shapes punctuated the yellow, shaped a little like birds but with dark wings which made a leathery sound as they flapped from one wall to another around the giant enclosure. Fae, the entire reason for the existence of this place, and for the pair’s visit.

Dan looked down at Cixi and the neatly suited goblin looked back up, dark eyes and lightly furred face holding a certain nervous excitement. Cixi’s paws formed a pattern, signing the question: Ready?

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Character spotlight – Ulwrick

ulwrickWhile there are many mammalian races in Alsvor, tengu are the sole avian representatives in the city. Unable to articulate the same range of sounds as mammals, tengu speak their own language among themselves and communicate with other races through signing. While signing is fairly common in areas of the city with a high tengu population, it’s by no means ubiquitous.

Ulwrick is a professional thief and information broker, putting her skills to work for the dissident movement. Any suggestions that tengu make good thieves because birds like shiny things will be met with extreme displeasure.ulwrick