Things to Protect

Over the course of the year I’ll be sharing short pieces of fiction set in the world of Death of Magic, some of which offer insight into the characters of the game. This story lets you find out a little more about Safelor and her thoughts about life in the city.

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Safelor design progression

Safelor animated!

Safelor is a centaur matriarch, acting as leader and guide to her herd. While centaur herds are traditionally made up of a few extended family groups, Safelor has a history of adopting people who she feels needs her protection, regardless of blood relation – or race.

Unlike Garros, Safelor’s appearance has been fairly consistent since her initial conception – a chestnut mare dressed in green. The dark pattern across her face and back is a burn scar from when the Baker’s Lane community home burned down. The bandage and sling on her arm are from injuries sustained in the opening scenes of the game.