Where have we been?

It’s been a little while since GXAus in April, and those of you who met us then might be wondering what’s happening with the demo. We’d hoped to have it online shortly after the convention, but lining up the schedules of voice talent, direction, and sound/music people has taken longer than expected.
We’re taking the opportunity to re-record some characters to ensure consistency across all voices, and are making sure the music is the best it can be.
The second we’re able to, we’ll be putting the demo up on our website and itch.io so you can download and have a play for yourself (and show your friends!). We’ll be initially releasing for PC and Mac, with hopefully an Android build soon after.

What’s next?

Chapter One

The 20-30 minute demo we showcased at GXAus constitutes only a small portion of our whole game. The whole story – where Jackin is thrust into deciding the future of the empire – takes place over the course of a week. The demo is just a snippet from Monday morning.
We’ll be splitting the game up into six chapters for episodic release, with each chapter constituting roughly a day of game time, so our next milestone will be getting Chapter One into your hands.

Live2D 3

My favourite part of our game is the range of characters, and the fact that I’ve been able to create moving, breathing, emotive animations from 2D drawings is really exciting. The software that allows this, Live2D, has recently undergone a major update, so we’ll be updating our cast to the new format. Of course the software is also made in Japan and English documentation is tricky to find, so teaching myself how it all works can take time.
While it’ll take time to update our character rigs and animations to the new format, we’ll be able to do much better work with them down the line.


A mentor of mine once said that in game development, while you can plan out the next few months, after that you’re just telling stories. As such, while we’d be super keen to be at Melbourne Games week again and to show off our demo at PAX, we can’t make promises on how far our funding will go. Our first priority is to pay our talent promptly and properly, and we’ll see what we can do for convention tickets afterwards.
Rest assured we’ll still be plugging away on the game. Melbourne’s amazing coffee might just have to wait…

Safelor design progression

Safelor animated!

Safelor is a centaur matriarch, acting as leader and guide to her herd. While centaur herds are traditionally made up of a few extended family groups, Safelor has a history of adopting people who she feels needs her protection, regardless of blood relation – or race.

Unlike Garros, Safelor’s appearance has been fairly consistent since her initial conception – a chestnut mare dressed in green. The dark pattern across her face and back is a burn scar from when the Baker’s Lane community home burned down. The bandage and sling on her arm are from injuries sustained in the opening scenes of the game.

Jackin animations



Six month’s progress – pictured above are two animated gifs of Jackin, the first from September last year and the second from last week.

There have been some minor changes to the design of her face and pants, but mostly the quality difference is from a change in lineart and much better animation. Figuring out a character’s ‘idle’ animation, the one that plays all the time, is a real challenge. They need to look alive, but they can’t make any large or sudden movements or the animation becomes distracting. For example, the Jackin on the left is flexing her hand and flicking her tail very obviously, while the Jackin on the right looks far more natural and relaxed.