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Dissidents Flyer

People, we are at war.
We are being starved, brutalised, bullied and robbed by the very monarch who should protect us. Our enemies are already at our doorsteps – ignorance, hunger, poverty, fear. Yet Her answer is to fill our streets with military Automatons, heartless stone monstrosities who can no more understand our plight than could a sword.
Our homes are entered without warrant, our fellow citizens arrested on spurious charges, in many places free assembly itself is denied. They call our peaceful protests “riots” – with the one hand raising monuments to celebrate the struggles of our past, and with the other striking us down for daring to voice the struggles of our present.
Rationing and austerity keep us huddled, hungry in the dark, while the Dragon in her palace feasts on our suffering. Efforts to protest these restrictions are met with harsher and harsher laws – but I tell you that these are not laws at all. They are frameworks for crime. Any empire whose laws sanction, rather than control, the evil among its people, is an empire whose hope is lost.
What more must we lose before we speak up against these injustices?
Why can’t we acknowledge what already exists? How many more of us must disappear for us to notice that our sisters and brothers, our neighbours and friends, are dying!
The time for negotiation is past! If we wish to regain our natural born rights as living, sentient people, then we must fight for them!
Every hand, paw and wing is needed. Join us!

– one of a number of pamphlets illegally distributed in the inner city, Age of Marnys the Kind 498

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