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    I was just thinking how awesome it would be to have a triple A game where every object and character has physics applied ( no more clipping 😀 ).

    What are your guys favorite physic based games?

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    Leiro is probably still my favorite physics based game, though it isn’t really a physics game at all, just a game with a physics-glitch that was AWESOME!

    It’s kinda like worms, but pixelated and mutliplayer in real time. Used to play a very early version of it a lot at school where the computer’s weren’t good enough to handle anything else, and would have lots of fun with the hook shot (just like worms – shoots rope out, then you can ascend by retracting the rope and/or swing left/right). Except in this version of the game there was a trick/glitch where you could shoot the hookshot then swing-retract at the same time to get up to LUDICROUS speeds.

    Would have entire matches with me and a friend spidermaning around the map, trying to blast and bomb each other while flying through the air and around obstacles, all at insane speeds. Was SO MUCH FUN!

    No other game since has ever managed to replicate that feeling for me. Tribes Ascend came pretty close, and the new Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom is stupidly fun even though it takes most of the physics out of it and replaces it with auto-aimed-feeling-awesome instead. But it’s still one of my goals to replicate that rush of using physics and hook shot to shoot around a map at ever increasing speed.

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    I once played a Skyrim mod that applied physics to dead bodies so after defeating a heap of bandits you’d have a … heap of bandits, all piled up instead of clipping through each other. The errors, if deeply macabre, were occasionally hilarious, as one limb would get caught on another and then a half dozen bodies would explode into the air and flop around like rag dolls. Certainly changed the tone of the game.

    Honestly I have enough trouble negotiating physics in my day-to-day, I enjoy games where I don’t have to operate under the same restrictions.

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    An excellent indie game, it is worth 3-4 hours of life. The plot is short, but fascinating and memorable, and the developers say that this is only the beginning and there will be a lot of series in future. I hope that they will continue to raise the bar. The visual component is also nice, the picture is beautiful, They carried out a good work with light. In general, cyberpunk detective is a remarkable setting, the game made a good impression, I advise to try it.


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