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    Sorry to hear of the demise of Magic.
    How old was it/he/she.
    Curious to know who the parents were and poor Magic’s DOB.
    Hope it was a long life and full of, um, magic.

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    Thanks Dad 😛

    I can actually answer some of those questions, though. The game is set in a fantasy world called Nuonis where magic is a naturally occurring resource, generated by particular kinds of animals and plants across the planet, such as griffins or the dragon. As a form of energy magic can be collected and stored, but like most natural resources magic is vulnerable to changes in the environment and to interference from other species. There have been incidents of this in the past, most notably in the Dominion of Echalia.
    Echalia was the only place in the world were unicorns lived. They were small, cloven hoofed creatures with long white fleece and a single horn, and for hundreds of years they lived among the various races of Echalia without interference. Their magic allowed Echalia to grow and develop. As populations increased and available space dwindled, a suggestion was made that unicorns – who didn’t speak like the other races, who didn’t wear clothing, who lived wild in the fields – should be herded up and given their own place to live. The city was no place for animals, after all. And within only a few generations the unicorns changed. Their magic had sprung from their freedom, their independence, and the trust they placed in those around them. When that was gone, so was their magic.
    The problem is, no one knows why magic seems to be fading in Alsvor. The Dragon Queen, the sole source of magic on the island, is still alive and well… so what could be the cause?

    To answer that you’ll have to play the game 🙂

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