So as anyone who has ever seen my backpack will attest, I am a fan of badges (or buttons, depending on where you live). Now, thanks to the tireless work of the other half of the Tyandae development team and the people at Pure Buttons, we have Death of Magic buttons to show off at GX4.


Two Crates of Not Weapons

The elevator continues to move, the dark space crowded with two enormous crates, two dwarves, and one increasingly uncomfortable silence. It’s as if Rala can actually feel the shape of what they aren’t saying, what no-one is saying. The dwarf clears kaj’r throat – a little too theatrically – and turns to look at the indistinct shape of the other dwarf.

“No,” kaj says.

Rala blinks. “…No what, Kah Dahj?”

“No, we’re not doing anything wrong.”

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The dwarf adjusts kaj’r collar, watching the Queen’s face closely. Her gaze sweeps the cavern, blue eyes and reptilian face unreadable as she takes in the rows upon rows of automatons. Lamplight shimmers in the gold thread woven into her mane of feathers.

“How many did you say you’d made, Kah Samaq?”

“Close to two thousand, your majesty.”

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